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Sexual union for Scorpio is risky, if only because a marriage and mortgage can end in appearance are set to roll from this week until early December, Scorpio. Read your full Scorpio Weekly Horoscope: 30 September - 6 October

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Three of Swords Reversed Tarot…. Three of Pentacles Reversed Tarot…. Three of Cups Reversed Tarot…. Explore Keen. Discover Advisors. User Support. Customer Support. Who's the witchiest witch of them all, Scorpio? I know, you are, which is precisely why you need this glam goth tarot deck in your life, ASAP. There's nothing Sagittarius loves more than the unknown. This wild deck was designed by Kim Krans, and features 78 cards loaded with intricate magic and mystery — which we all know happens to be right up Sagittarius' alley.

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Are you ready, Sag? Adventure awaits. This deck of cards is oozing Capricorn vibes. There's nothing this earth sign loves more than tradition, and the red and black aesthetic gives the tarot deck rustic and vintage feels. Aquarius loves to rebel, and these electric Cosmic Cards might just do the trick. This epic deck isn't an ordinary tarot deck; on the contrary, it features original artworks by graphic designer Julie Catona, owner of Future Illustrations , and powerful mantras.

The water bearer loathes tradition, and this deck is totally rebellious. Get enlightened, Aquarius. Intuition is an understatement when referring to Pisces, and the Luminous Spirit tarot deck, for that matter. Not only is this deck an iridescent masterpiece, it's also incredibly receptive to energy, just like Pisces. I have this deck, and it's honestly opened up a whole new world for me.

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  6. The app is also really helpful and user friendly. By Valerie Mesa.

    With that said, here's the tarot deck you should consider, according to your zodiac sign: Aries. Each astrological sign has a tarot card association. It seems to me that Tarot and Astrology are really two tools working from the same energy source in a harmony that can't be denied.

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    The deeper you look into it, you will see despite having been created separately they work together perfectly. When we look at the cards that have been associated with the astrological signs, we see that somehow the relationship between the two seems rather divine in nature. Each astrological sign has two Tarot cards that completely compliment the energy already present in the zodiac signs. This creates the ability for them together to tell you a far deeper story than they could alone.

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    The Emperor is applied to the Aries horoscope sign for the authority and power of the sign reflected by the tarot card. Aries as the first astrological placement symbolizing the first spark of flame. The sign of Aries belongs to the elemental grouping of fire. The King of Wands is the first card of the fire group of tarot cards, which is perfectly fitting for Aries. The Lovers tarot card represents Gemini as a symbolic way of indicating the duality of both the sign and the card.

    The King of Swords is the first card in the elemental group of air. The tarot card The King of Cups is applied to Cancer for the position of the sign as the first sign in the elemental tarot group.

    October Pisces *Can You Handle It?* 👺🙀 Intimacy Report Tarot Reading 2019

    The sign Leo is attributed with that quality. The Queen of Wands is the second card in the elemental group of fire and Leo stands in the mirror position for astrology as the second fire sign.

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    6. The Hermit is associated with Virgo when tarot and astrology are combined, this is interesting as Virgo is associated to the concept of virginity, its a metaphorical state through a more representative view of the purity that can be found in being alone, the time to be in one's thoughts analyzing the lessons in the quest for perfection.